About FYP

The Franklin Young Professionals, Inc is a group of young professionals in the town of Franklin, North Carolina sharing the goal of giving back to the community through outreach, volunteering, and participating in local events. 

Our Mission:

Our goal is to provide opportunities for service, leadership, professional development, networking, and community involvement for young professionals in Franklin.  Interaction between the group and other community organizations, town leaders, and local businesses seeks to develop the value and prosperity of the town.  FYP desires to foster a greater sense of worth for young people in the town, attracting them to and retaining them in the community.  The accomplishments of the group are all made possible through the skills, talents, and capabilities of its individual members.

The Board of Directors (2013-2014):
  • President - Mandy Lail
  • Vice-President - Kelly Rogers, DVM
  • Secretary - Kelly Davenport
  • Treasurer - Johnathan Dean 
  • Member at Large - Laura Tallent
  • Membership Chair - Bethany Ledford 
  • Membership Co-Chair/Events Chair - Ashley Freeman
  • Marketing & PR Chair - Mallory Barbee
  • Community Outreach - Shaina Adkins